David Stone, Cambridge, U.K.

This is an old website which I am keeping available on the off-chance that anybody finds any of it useful. It was once at http://www.lithoi.org.uk/ and then temporarily at http://old.nww.lithoi.org.uk/

This is the home page of David Stone, Cambridge, U.K. It contains various random oddments I've written or compiled that other people might be interested in.

Where is Vavasor Hall? An exercise for a rainy day in the Lake District, based on Anthony Trollope's Can you forgive her?

A review of maps of the English Lake District from the point of view of a fellwalker. Somewhat to my surprise I could find very little of this sort of review on the web, so I wrote this. Also as pdf, if preferred.

A trip report of visits to some obscure mid-Wales marilyns. These hills are not much climbed, and it seemed worthwhile supplementing the relatively few accounts already available. And another trip report for some North Wales marilyns, in southern Snowdonia.

A Review of some of Harvey's maps of long-distance paths. Their web site does not describe them in detail, and they are hard to find in the shops -- these notes attempt to give the detail you need.

A Review of vol 1 of Atchison's Complete Hills of Britain; volume 1 is for Southern England.

A bibliography of music for solo recorder (modern editions), with details of the contents -- often missing from publishers' catalogues.

A program for taking a pointed psalm and fitting it to a Gregorian psalm tone.

Some notes on using Lilypond for Gregorian chant, illustrated by the simple forms of the final anthems of the BVM.

Some notes on using Gregorio for Gregorian chant, illustrated by a cento Angelus.

The contents of the Manual of Plainsong (1902), re-entered and generated mostly using Lilypond.

Everything I have written here is copyright by me and licenced freely under the GPL (GNU General Public License), version 2 or later, at your option. The pages should have their source next to them as a .tgz file (if I didn't just write the HTML by hand). The GPL is an odd licence for non-programs, but there really doesn't seem to be another licence I like. The GFDL is broken, and the Creative Commons share-alike licence has a few bugs. Some things are in the public domain, which I've generally noted, especially if non-obvious.

David Stone

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